7 Tips to learn a foreign language


Do you want to learn a new language quick? Maybe you need to learn a language so you can speak it on an upcoming trip, on new job responsibilities or at University. Whatever your reason is to learn a foreign language you probably want to be able to speak a new language sooner than later.

Tip 1. Speak Speak Speak

Ok, this is probably the most difficult part, but also the most effective. Don’t be shy to speak in your new language. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. Talking with natives or even on an app everyday will get you closer to your goals of learning a foreign language.

Tip 2. Use Spotify and Netflix

You don’t have to leave your house to hear your new language. Make a playlist with songs in the language you want to learn on Spotify. Or look for a series in your foreign language on Netflix or YouTube. Even though you don’t understand much of it, You will pick up some new words.

Student watching Netflix

Tip 3. Use Social Media

You are probably spending some hours per day on social media right? Follow accounts in the language you want to learn and you will pick up new words and expressions.

Tip 4. Learn the most common words.

Languages are made of thousands if not million words. Luckily you don’t have to learn that many words. In English for example the top 100 words make up for about 50% of English language texts. When starting to learn a new language it is always a good idea to memorize the most common words first.

Tip 5. Learn everyday

Even though you don’t have much time. Try to learn the new language every day for 25 minutes. Learning in short blocks is proven to be more effective than studying for 4 hours in a row.

Student writing

Tip 6. Have fun 

This one is very important. Learning a language should be fun! Ok learning the grammar can be annoying at times but as soon as you know more it will be a lot of fun. Who doesn’t laugh about the mistakes they made in the beginning when learning a new language?

Tip 7. Learn at home

Especially now that we do more online than ever. Why not learn a foreign language online? Download an app like Duolingo where you set your goals and be motivated to practice every day. Or look for an online class like Rootalky to learn French for example.

Studying at home

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