To App or not to App

How to know if and when learning Apps are for you

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With the rise of technology, mobile Apps became a game changer in the language learning industry. Type, install and sign in: now you’re a step closer to fluency. But at which point in your learning journey will you need the App? And is it really a one size fits all? 

Well … the answer is yes and no.

A lot of language learners, enthused by the process choose language learning Apps to get their linguistic progress a nudge towards proficiency. The truth is, learning a language is not a magic trick, snap your fingers and you’re fluent. It is a process, it takes time and effort. It takes curiosity and exploration. It is a whole new world, LITERALLY!

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But where do language Apps fit in this world?

First and foremost, language learning Apps are excellent tools to practice your pronunciation. They give you a few voices that will say the word or sentence exactly like a native speaker would. You have ample time to listen to these voices and repeat as many times as you need to perfect it. Some learning Apps even help you select from a variety of accents to speak the language from your country of choice.

Another important element of your learning kit that language Apps can provide is vocabulary. It helps you build, develop and expand your vocabulary. You think learning common words is thrilling? Try new words, very exciting! It will make you feel like you own it, AND YOU DO! Because now, you know fancy words that describe day to day items. Finally, exercise. I know that nobody liked homework when they were at school, but if you want to ace that language test, remember the lyrics to your favorite song or even order that cup of coffee in one go, you need to repeat everything and anything and that’s what language Apps provide you with. While the progress might seem slow sometimes, you get to cement those words into your brain forever! Most language Apps have a way of profusely asking you about the same words: if you are a beginner, take that opportunity and click one more time for a chance to never forget that word. 

Will the language App fulfill all my language needs? 

This is where it gets tricky. It will depend on those needs. But the rule of thumb is, never limit yourself to one tool of language learning. There is much more out there for your, whatever your linguistic needs are: Speak to natives, watch TV, listen to music and read books … Language learning will never be a straight route with a clear finish line, it is exploratory and diverse. It is a journey not a destination.

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