Why is 1-1 tutoring a good deal?

We asked 10 language learners about their linguistic experience. How they felt when they started learning? What do they think is missing in their schedule? Are they confident enough to speak to a native? All answers led to one thing, 1-1 tutoring is important!

When you try a new language the most common first steps are: alphabets, grammar rules and vocabulary lists. But when you do it alone, you are missing a magic touch. A native touch that will help you combine all these steps together and take your fears away. 1-1 tutoring is beneficial for many reasons. 

Learn French online – 1 :1 lesson – paralinguistic

ONE: The human touch

Now I know most people will say we have TV and radio for that and I don’t disagree. But conversations are fluid. Topics change, opinions differ and the flow of conversation could take its speakers to a new wave in a split second. That is what TV and radio miss. That human touch, the lifelike interaction, the actual human interaction. It may be virtual but it’s still human. And that is very important not only in learning the basics but also in understanding the paralinguistic side of language. What is paralinguistics you ask? Paralinguistics are important cues of communication. It can be in the facial expressions, the hand gestures, the tone, the pitch, the speed… remember, all that in FLUID conversation. 

advantage of French tutoring – online French lesson

TWO: All to yourself

One of the points that I personally like about 1-1 tutoring is the one to one basis. You don’t have to be afraid to ask questions. You don’t need to wait for your classmate to arrive on time. You won’t be interrupted by someone who may not be as serious as you are about the language learning process. It’s just you and your tutor. Undivided attention, a two-way communication that will last the time of the session. The tutor will not only plan your lesson but he or she will be all ears to help you get to the next language level.

French lesson plan

THREE: Lesson planned

This is a very important point. Having a good tutor is average. Choosing the right tutor for you is optimal to reach your potential and achieve your goals. The right tutor will not just follow the book, he/she will plan lessons customized to your linguistic needs. The right tutor will not just stick to the lesson, he/ she will go far beyond whether in grammar, vocabulary or even expressions. The right tutor will know your language level, aims and struggles but will also know your likes and dislikes, your daily habits and your future plans. WHY you ask? Because we learn best when we use the things we are most familiar with and to link examples to all those personal elements is key to your learning process and that is not what any tutor does. That is what the RIGHT tutor does.

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