Word of the day: Myth or Fact?

Word of the day: Myth or Fact?

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Some of you may have lived in an era where it existed on toilet paper. For the rest of us, it was mostly in newspapers, magazines and with the rise of technology online dictionaries. Can you guess what it is?  Word of the day! While many of us language learners are always looking for the next best thing to improve our linguistic skills, the word of the day becomes a very common question amongst us: Does it really help? How useful is it?

 In other words, is it a myth or a fact that word of the day can help you in your language learning journey?

Fact 1: Enlarge your vocabulary

There’s nothing like the rush of learning a new word in the language you dream to master. You feel like a poet, a writer, a native speaker… That new word that you will get to use today in your conversations with your native speaking friends. That new word that you will drop in your language class to show you are making an effort in expanding your vocabulary. That new word every day that feels like getting you to the next level of proficiency: “Innoubliable ”, “Pétillante ”, “Intrépide” etc. Fancy, right? 

Learn French in context

Fact 2: Learn in context

Words of the day do not come solo. They are accompanied by a definition, an origin and an example. So, you don’t just learn a new word fast, you understand the new word. You get to read that word in a sentence, discover its grammatical use and its linguistic purpose. That’s a three for one offer, are you still thinking about it? Here’s one more fact that might finally convince you. 

French spelling

Fact 3: Spelling bee genius? 

Now, I am not saying you will win every spelling bee competition. What I’m saying is that you’ll know how to spell the word and if you pay REALLY GOOD ATTENTION to your words of the day, you will be one step closer to a flawless “orthographe” in your next “expression écrite”! Isn’t that ideal? Now with all these interesting facts, there is one powerful myth. This myth is not only considered in language learning, but in any part of your life you want to improve. It is an undeniable challenge and rejecting it will break the pattern and drop all these facts like a stone. Can you guess what the myth is? Shortcuts! Carelessness, negligence and laziness. You must commit to the daily reading, use and practice of these words for all the facts to help you in your language learning journey. You have to work at it. No shortcuts, only hard work. It’s called word of the day for a reason! It’s everyday so keep up and the results will show. 

Happy learning!

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