21 day challenge: Join the Rootalky language challenge for 2021

Rootalky challenge

Like every end of year, most people prepare a list of resolutions for the new one. New year’s resolutions have been a long standing tradition that different cultures share to find the motivation in achieving their future goals. These resolutions vary from personal to professional. Be it losing weight, finding a job or mastering a skill. It is the primacy effect, that 01/01 on the screen board, that notion that you are on the first page of the first chapter of yet another book. 

This year, Rootalky decided to hop on the resolution train and help its followers with a new year challenge, a 21 day challenge:the 21-day Rootalky language challenge. No matter your level, your schedule or your resources, this challenge is for you!

Are you excited to know what it is?

  1. Every morning for 21 CONSECUTIVE days: Listen to French radio

The task:

Listen to French radio for 5-10 minutes. You have the choice of the channel as long as it is not just music. Pick a channel with a program, any program as long as there are people talking

The exercise:

While you’re listening, look for a sentence that you like: Whether it is the sound of it, the meaning of it, the difficulty of it. Any sentence that captures your attention and record yourself saying it!

  1. Every afternoon for 21 CONSECUTIVE days: Listen to a French song.

The task: 

Listen to a French song. Only 1. While I would recommend old 80’s and 90’s songs for their accurate grammar and slow rhythm, the choice remains yours. 

The exercise:

For this task, I am asking you to simply write down the title of the song you listened to. You can add the name of the singer if you’d like. But let’s focus on the title for now. 

  1. Every night for 21 CONSECUTIVE days: Pick a book.

The task:

Pick a book. Any book. It can be a children’s book, a recipe book, a novel, a personal development book etc. The only important thing is that the language is French. Now take that book every night for 21 consecutive days and read 1 page. 1 page ONLY. Of course you can add more if you think the story is interesting but remember, we’re looking at the long term here. So if you want to read more than 1 page, you can’t skip the next day!

The exercise:

Depending on where you’re reading your book, I want you to choose 3 words, preferably new or maybe even difficult, and note them down somewhere. Don’t just highlight them on the book. I want you to physically write these words, whether on your notepad, your notebook, your phone or even a post-it note that you stick on the cover. 

Then what? 

Before we discuss the results, I want you all to (virtually) promise me one thing. That if you skip one day, you start all over! But we don’t want to do that do we? This is a challenge for the Rootalky family. We’re going to take part together, all of us. Posting daily steps, discussing results, embracing the challenge and seeing the progress.

21 days, that’s over 3 and a half hours of spoken French, 21 new songs to your playlist and 63 new spelled words added to your vocabulary. In just three weeks! So let’s start 2021 improving together, learning together and French-talking together! Just one more thing, keep a daily log so we celebrate the success of each day together and see how far we’ve come at the end of the 21 days.


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