Speak French Better : Useful sentences to help you sound like a native

How to speak like a native? @Canva

For every objective or challenge that we set for ourselves, we need to also set a plan and to figure out what is the best way to accomplish that specific goal. What are the different steps we need to takel. And step by step, with a little bit of motivation, perseverance, and patience, we will definitely reach the finishing line. This also applies to the process of learning a new language. We start by learning the alphabet, then the words. How to make sentences. How to read. How to write. Step by step, and milestone after milestone until we reach a level that allows us not only to understand the language, but also to speak it and use it properly. Learning French as a foreign language can be a very challenging task; however, if you are reading the present article, you must be one passionate learner! So keep on!  

The way to enrich your French vocabulary. @Canva

If you have cross checked the early steps of learning a language mentioned above then you definitely want to enrich your French vocabulary. Therefore, if you wish to improve your speaking and you wish to sound like a native? Here are some sentences you can use daily presented into categories: 

  1. To guarantee your speech fluidity: 

These are words that will help you fill the void when someone tells you something interesting, an information, or a good news. Do not stand there smiling or saying “Ah!” or “Oh”. Instead, try using one of the following: 

  • Ah bon (vraiment) ! – Oh, really! 
  • Sérieux (more familiar)? Sérieusement ? – Seriously? 
  • C’est cool ! C’est super ! C’est génial – That’s cool/amazing/awesome!
  • Ça marche – Alright/you got it. 
To say you did not understand something @Canva
  1. To say you did not understand something

If you do not understand something, do not pretend to actually understand it in order to not bother the person. Make you sure you let them know it is not clear, politely, by saying one of the following: 

  • Pardon ? – excuse me? 
  • Comment ? – What?
  • Je ne suis pas sûre de bien comprendre – I am not sure I understand well.
  • Je n’ai rien pigé/capté (more familiar) – I did not get anything

How to suggest something? @Canva
  1. To suggest something  

You have an activity in mind and you want to suggest it to your group of friends or simply invite them to some place? These expressions are the ones you should use: 

  • Ça vous dirait de ______ (would you like to ______)?. For example: Ça vous dirait de regarder un film ce soir? (Would you like to watch a movie this evening?)
  • Et si on ______ (And what if/what about ______)?. For example: Et si on sortait ce soir? (And what if we went out this evening?)

To say “bless you” when a person sneezes @Canva
  1. To say “bless you” when a person sneezes 

Did it ever happen to you that someone sneezes near you and you did not know what to say? Or have you wondered what would you say should that ever happen? Here is the answer: 

  • À tes souhaits / à vos souhaits 
  • À tes amours / à vos amours 
  • “À tes souhaits !” “À tes amours !”, “Qu’ils durent toujours !” – Why 3 phrases? Because sometimes a person sneezes more than once, so after each sneeze, you can use these expressions in the same order. They would literally translate to “to your wishes”, “to your loves”, “may they last forever”. Of course, these are mostly use with close friends. 
To finish a conversation @Canva
  1. To finish a conversation

In the end of this article, it would be nice to give you 3 expressions to help you finish a conversation in French. 

  • Excuse-moi, il faut que j’y aille. Excuse me, I have to go.
  • Désolé(e), je dois filer. Sorry, I need to leave.
  • Ça m’a fait plaisir de te/vous voir. It was a pleasure to see you. 

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