Where’s my pen? : Noteworthy advice from a fellow learner

Today I’m talking to you as a language learner. Not as a native speaker or a linguist. As a fellow language learner seeking mastery and fluency in a foreign language. These are tips I’ve read in books, heard on podcasts and from native speakers…

Oops, have I said too much already?

I think one of the most important notions we need to understand as knowledge seekers is that we need to put in the work! Day in, Day out! I mean you can take a day off on the weekends and move away from this language you’re learning for a quick break and a refresh. But know this: it will affect the progress. It will show. You know why? 

Native language is a go-to language @Canva

Ask yourself this: Do native speakers take a break from speaking their language?

I don’t think so! 

It’s the language in which they express themselves, communicate and even dream! They speak it daily, with everyone and anyone and when they are not speaking it, they are either listening to it, reading it or writing it. What does that mean? Well, that, first and foremost, when it’s your native language, it is your go-to language. To research a word, to watch a movie, to hop on the new music hits or to buy your favorite meal. So why would we take a break from it as we are learning it? 

Use the language at least 20minutes a day @Canva

What’s next? 

Well, I would say make sure to use, in this case French, at least 20mn a day for starters. It all depends on the level and the objectives of course but 20mn a day is much better than 5h on Monday and then nothing for the rest of the week! 

The verdict? 

It’s simple, you want to keep fit, you go to the gym regularly.

You want to master a language, you also use it regularly.

So make it your priority to have exposure EVERY day without a break and you will see the difference it will make in your learning journey!

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