Holidays in France : La joie des vacances !

We cannot deny that holidays remain a necessity for human beings. In fact holidays are a joyful moment that allows us to celebrate an important fact in our lives whether it’s with friends, family or even with strangers.

As we have already mentioned in earlier articles, French people have the joy of living, and for sure this doesn’t go without holidaying. In fact, holidays in France are very diverse and we can classify them into three types.

National holidays in France @Canva
  1. National holidays: commemorate an event related to the homeland. 
  1. L’Armistice*: November 11

An armistice is the first step toward peace. It is an agreement between two enemy countries or more to stop fighting in the hope of signing a peace treaty.

The armistice of 11 November 1918 put an end to the battle between France and Belgium. 

  1. Republic day*: Le 14 Juillet :

Celebrated since 1880, the French national holiday commemorates both the capture of the Bastille in 1789 and the “Fête de la Fédération” in 1790, in other words it celebrates the victory of the French people over their king. 

Every year a parade is organized in the capital, Paris, with the presence of the president, prime minister and other members of the government. And in other cities it is celebrated with fireworks.

The Christmas is religious holiday @Canva
  1. Religious holidays: commemorate an event that is in close relationship with religion, Christianism for France.
  1. Christmas:  December 25 :

It commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. On this holiday, families are gathered together and gifts are exchanged. It is celebrated in a warm and nice atmosphere with the Christmas tree “Sapin ”, a beautiful decoration without forgetting  the crib, the dinner and  the typical Christmas desert. “La Buche de Noel”.  The main character of the holiday is Santa Claus with his sleigh and his reindeer. 

You can feel that Christmas joy in France way before the night of the 25th of september with the beautiful christmas markets

  1. Easter:  April 4 :

This feast commemorates the resurrection of Christ. For pasque* you eat the Easter egg, an egg made entirely of chocolate with a gift inside.

As they say: “ Easter with whom you want and christmas with your folks”

  1. Epiphany:  January 6 :

The tradition goes, on this holiday, with making “la galette des rois” (a traditional french meal) with one bean inside. And in gatherings, whoever gets the bean gets to be the king or queen for that one day.

What are popular holidays in France? @Canva
  1. Popular holidays: these are very spectacular and colourful parties where concerts, theatre performances, dances and music are organized.
  1. New Year: December 31 & January 1st : 

They celebrate with fireworks and toast with sparkling wine or champagne to   greet the new year at midnight. And gifts are exchanged while wishing for a year full of happiness, health and prosperity.

  1. Mardi Gras*: 47 days before Easter*: 

Mardi Gras is a festive period. It is a pagan Roman holiday celebrating the end of winter. On this occasion, they dress up, party and eat very rich dishes.

In some villages, the festivities can last a few weeks.

  1. Other Holidays:
  1. Mother’s Day: last sunday of May
  1. Valentine’s Day: February 14 
  1. Labor Day: May 1 

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