Rootalky Challenge 2022


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Remember last year’s 21 day challenge? 

Remember all the new words you acquired?

Remember all the various topics you dove into? 

This year, we’ve got a new challenge for you. 

Same principle, new and improved concept. 

We call it PROJECT 21.

@Rootalky_Challenge 21

Project 21 is still based on the sense of urgency we get from the 01/01 on our screens on new year’s day. The list of resolutions we write down for the upcoming months, weeks or days … We want you to join us for the challenge of the year to get one step closer to achieving your language goals. 

Instead of limiting the challenge to a fit schedule, this year we’re focusing on the tasks themselves, giving you the freedom to check them off your list whenever you see fit but don’t forget the main rule

you miss a day, you restart your countdown 

So what is project 21 you say? 

Step 1 Step 2Step 3 
Select an article of choice and read it allHighlight three new words and add them to your list Summarize the article in ONE sentence

By the end of the 21 days, you would have read 21 articles, written 21 new sentences and learned 3X21 NEW words! That’s right, 63 new words! 

Just one more thing: you need to document all this, mention us and tag #project_21 to be featured for a chance to win a prize!

Keep an eye out for the announcement on IG: @hi_rootalky

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