A quick tour in the famous tours of France

  1.  The Eiffel Tower :
  • The Eiffel Tower is the highest tower in France (324 meters), located in Paris.
  • Its construction started in 1887 and finished in 1889
  • It’s one of the most tourist-attracting monuments in France

(For more information about its history, you can check the article “Cultural Stop: La Tour Eiffel” on our blog)

  1. The Montparnasse Tower :
Montparnasse Tower in 15th arrondissement @Canva
  • The Montparnasse Tower offers a panoramic and magical view over Paris at its summit. 
  • It was constructed in 1969.
  • It is a 201-meter-high building including 60 floors. 
  1.  La Tour Saint-Jacques : 
La Tour Saint-Jacques in 4th arrondissement @Canva
  • This tower was built in the 16th century.
  • In fact, it was the steeple of a church destroyed at the Revolution Saint-Jacques la Boucherie.
  • It’s a 60-meter-high tower.
  1.  La Tour Fenestrelle: 
La Tour Fenestrelle in Uzès @Pixabay guy_dugas
  • We are not in Pisa, but in one of the prettiest cities in France: Uzès. 
  • At first, this tower was a pre-Romanesque church. Then it became a cathedral undergoing several destruction during the religious wars. Over the years, the Fenestrelle tower has lost two floors but this does not diminish its present splendor.
  • This 46-metre-high bell tower serves as a bell tower for Saint-Théodorit Cathedral. 
  1.  Le Beffroi de Lille : 
Le Beffroi de Lille @Canva
  • After two years of construction, the Belfry opened its doors in 1932.
  • It was and still is the highest Belfry (104 meters) in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region.
  • The belfry was made of red brick and concrete «like carved stone» making it the perfect combination of  Art Deco and neo-flemish architecture. 
  • It is both a symbol of communal freedoms and a landmark for the entire Lille metropolis. 

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