Don’t hit snooze : Why breaking your language learning pattern is the enemy of progress

There’s a theory behind the snooze button: Contrary to popular belief, it does not add to your sleeping timer but instead makes you feel foggy and tired the entire day. Dozing off your regular language habits will have the same effect on your progress. It might not be on your physical health and energy but will sure affect your progress and maybe even your mood. 

Language requires regular practice. Just like eating well and going to the gym. You will only see results if you keep moving forward. Language learning is just the same. Even if you feel comfortable, don’t stop; you need to continue the learning. Even when you see progress; especially when you see progress.

Learning language requires regular practice. Don’t break the pattern ! @Canva

Don’t break the pattern!

How? you ask. 

Well let’s start with the basics.

  1. Schedule your sessions

Prioritize your language learning. Consider it as important as a meeting you put in your calendar or an event you’ve been waiting for. Scheduling makes it hard to pass on a session especially when you have done step 2…

  1. Plan your work

Yes, you’re reading right. Think of yourself as an entrepreneur who needs to plan their month, week and days. Know what you will be working on. This will help you alot in monitoring your progress and feeling a sense of accomplishment at the end of every session.

Find an accountability partner of language @Canva
  1. Find an accountability partner 

This has become a major trend with the switch to work from home mode due to the current circumstances. There are plenty of websites that help you connect with fellow co-workers. Most of them work like this: Greet your partner and tell them what you’ll be working on, write it down, work on it for a specific amount of time (timer on the app) and when the bell rings be truthful and say how much of your tasks you have really achieved. Accountability is a good method to track your productivity, especially when you are doing individual tasks like learning a language on your own…

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