I don’t understand what they’re saying ! : Tips on improving listening comprehension

Have you ever been around native speakers and they suddenly address a question to you but you were lost in their nativeness you did not know? 

Awkward silence, then move to another person. 

We’re all guilty of this move! But what can we do to not relive it again?

There are a few things you can do in this case. And they are divided into 3 steps: before, during and after. 

Use several methods of learning French ! @Canva
  1. Before 

Well, you might have read from previous blog posts the importance of practicing in language learning. If you have been following these learning tips, you would also be able to recall a major keypoint in the practicing process (drumroll please …)


That’s right! Forget what people say about TV not teaching you anything. That is wrong! You learn a lot from consuming motion pictures ESPECIALLY as a language learner. That’s like hitting the jackpot! Radio, TV, Cinema, songs, you name it… Even more so now with the social networks, content at your service with all languages possible! So the practice goes like this: 

play, listen and read, pause, speak, repeat!

Content words are important during a group conversation @Canva
  1. During 

During a group conversation, try to focus on the content words. Listen carefully but don’t overfocus. Meaning, don’t do a grammatical analysis of the sentences the speaker is making. Just take what’s important enough to understand the time, place and people aka the topic. And then you can use that and give your point of view on the subject matter!

  1. After

After all is said and done, you can go home proud and happy that you held a conversation in a language you’ve been learning for a while. And for extra credit, you can look up vocabulary words and expressions on the topic you discussed that day so you’ll have more to say next time!

Extra tip: Celebrate your success and then get back to work! 

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