A message from an avid learner

Dear Diary, 

It has now been a year as a language learner. I realise how far I’ve come but I understand that there’s a lot more to learn.

Experience of an avid learner @Canva

I started from scratch, I did not know a word of French. 

So I signed up for an online 1-1 language class and the journey began. 

At first, I was shy, I did not know what to expect or how this could be helpful. But it only took a few minutes until my teacher broke the ice and we started to laugh about anything and everything. We start with a free orientation which is basically an evaluation of my language level, and insight into my objective. What I did not know was that it was also a nice introduction to my professor. We talk about what we have in common, our likes, dislikes … no better way to break the ice than with common interests, and you are bound to find at least a few! 

Efforts for communication in French @Canva

Despite me not speaking a word of French, we managed to communicate smoothly. It’s a secret though, so you will have to try it to understand what I mean by that. Lesson by lesson, I felt more excited to learn how the french language is spoken, how I can make my own words, sentences and use the new vocabulary to SPEAK FRENCH. 

My main objective at first was to know a few words and be able to hold a basic conversation. Once that was achieved, my objectives kept moving higher and higher. I am now proudly preparing for a Delf B2 exam this November. I can’t believe I have come this far, and I am definitely not stopping here. 

It’s also a great feeling to think that someone from the other side of the globe, with different background, culture and language have a lot in common with you. And I think that brings us closer together. I now think of my professor as a friend who helps me with my language goal. A friend who lets me make mistakes, helps me to correct them and gives me tips as to how not to make them again. 

Cher journal, je voudrais remercier mon professeur. 

A Lundi

An avid french learner

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