Why you shouldn’t just say goodbye

If you’re reading this, it means two things: one that you follow us and in that case we want to say thank you and the second is that you’re thinking of taking a break from your language learning journey. If the second applies to you, continue reading to know the top 3 reasons why you shouldn’t just say goodbye. 

Learning a language is a work in progress @Canva

Learning a language, like learning anything in life, is a work in progress. It doesn’t end, there’s no finish line. So you gotta keep pedalling! Now, a very recurring question we get is, I reached my goal, what now? And the answer is easy, aim for the next one!

  1. Find your next goal 

Again, just like life, you have to have your next goal lined up for when you reach your first one, you start working on the next one. Language learning is very similar. You might just have successfully passed the Delf A1, well there are 5 other De/alfs to prepare for! Once you have finished all levels of the proficiency test, you can get ready for the actual university work, or your new position and the vocabulary and dialogues you will use everyday! Not to forget, your daily grocery shopping, drycleaning runs and coffee breaks: “Un café crème et un croissant s’il vous plaît!”

  1. Avoiding going back to square 1

Remember when you just started, how hard you felt it was? Would you want to do it all over again? Probably not! It’s way easier moving forward than backwards. Well, remember all the grammar exercises you had to do to understand that one tense. How about that tape you listened to a million times to get to intonation right? And not to forget the list of vocabulary under your belt thanks to that regular practice. Would you want to do it all over again or take a step forward with new and exciting topics?

Keep on your practicing for learning language @Canva
  1. Practice, practice, practice.

This top 3 may be obvious but let me simplify it. You are young, you get a bike for your birthday but you don’t know how to ride it. Your parent, or sibling helps you. You keep trying over and over and over again until it becomes natural for you to ride your bike to the groceries or your friend’s house. Years later, you get a car, you don’t ride your bike for years and now you are an adult and you are visiting a city that promotes bike riding across its streets for better exposure. First thing that comes to mind? I should’ve kept at it, even once a week!

Don’t wish for it, plan your next objective and schedule your new lesson NOW!

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