Eclectic is the way to go : How mixed methods lead to better results

You ask a hundred L2 speakers how they picked up a language and you will get one hundred different answers. Well probably not a hundred but you get the point. 

From the books that I read on language learning, language teaching to the podcasts, the youtube videos and even my own personal experience, it is not a one size fits all. 

Mixing methods have several benefits. Some are related to the learning process, others help you develop personally. Additional benefits would be to keep things interesting! 

Varying the situations and the media in your learning process @Canva
  • The learning process

When you use your native language you use it for different purposes, in different contexts and with different targets in mind. The same should be applied to the second language you decide to learn. This means that by varying the situations and the media in your learning process, you create a second world in which you can equally: call customer service, greet the postman, engage in an intellectual conversation and watch a cartoon with your niece or nephew. Knowing one should not invalidate the other. In fact, knowing one should help you create paths that lead to ideas to improve the other.

Let’s say for instance, you watched a show with your friends or cousins and in that show the character is introducing himself to the class for the first time, well now you know what you’ll be saying the next time you meet someone new! What about a TV program where they call people on the phone? Well now you’ve learned the ABCs of a telephone conversation or at least the start and the finish. The choices are limitless and so are the benefits…

  • Personal development

Having an eclectic way of learning a language means you are curious in knowing more about it. This curiosity will lead you to overcome several obstacles you might have had in the past. These can be (and are not limited to): public speaking, human interaction, presentation, teamwork and much more! This is due to the variety of objectives that certain tasks may have. For example introducing yourself to the class, expressing your point of view and even talking about your country! The more enthusiastic you are about conveying the message, the more forgetful you become of the obstacle of fear. Remember to focus on your path and what you want to accomplish. This will always help.

Being interested in learning is important @Canva
  • Keep it interesting

Eclectic means interesting, it means you won’t get bored because of the amount of choices you have within and across skills. For instance, for speaking skills, you get to use a dialogue, a monologue, a song, a movie scene, a stand-up joke, a weather forecast … The list goes on and on and that is only for one of the four skills. 

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