“À vous les experts !” : 5 classic books in French

Honoré de Balzac’s masterpiece : La peau de chagrin @Pixabay
  1.  La peau de chagrin: Honoré de Balzac (1831)

‘’La peau de chagrin‘’: an unmissable classic, a Balzacian masterpiece. It is the story of Raphael de Valentiny, a young Marquis ruined and lonely. He was blind to a talism “the skin of sorrow” that fulfills his desires. But on the other hand, with every wish made, this skin shrinks and Raphael loses his youth little by little. If you own me, you will own everything, but your life will belong to me,” Raphael said with her skin of sorrow.
Raphael finds himself in an immense dilemma through which Balzac questions many things: is wealth the source of happiness? Or can we buy love?

Notre-Dame de Paris of Victor Hugo is also in musical performance. @Pixabay
  1.  Notre – Dame de Paris : Victor Hugo (1831)

‘Notre – Dame de Paris’  is a novel that opens a portal on Paris, at the end of the Middle Ages, with characters of all colors: Esmeralda, a beautiful young gypsy with an astonishing beauty and Quasimodo, half-man half-gargoyle, who’s not accepted in the court of men observing the injustice and disorder of the world. 

In his time, Victor Hugo was the first to speak of disgraced beings, rejected and banished by society making them heroes at the end. 

A historical, fantastic and romantic novel revealing the cruelty of this world with all beauty, deserves to be read.

  1.  Madame Bovary : Gustave Flaubert (1857) 

Until today, “Madame Bovary” remains one of the most read and studied novels. It is a love novel that follows Emma’s daily life.
Emma, who is Madame Bovary, is a peasant’s daughter. She is beautiful. She dreams of bliss, passion and drunkenness.
She always aims for the best with dreams too high. This is where she gets lost in romantic adventures. So, while trying to get closer to her ideal, will Emma manage achieving that without getting her wings steeled?

Les Misérables by Victor Hugo is a timeless masterpiece @Pixabay
  1. Les Misérables : Victor Hugo (1862)

‘’Les misérables‘’:  another classic of the French language and a timeless masterpiece written by Victor Hugo. He points his finger at the misery, breaks it down and explains it with a sophisticated language. Victor Hugo gives his voice to the people to write a multi-faceted novel with mythical and immortal characters found in real life. There is all literature, all humanity and all life in ‘’ Les misérable‘’.

  1. L’étranger : Albert Camus (1942)

‘’L’étranger‘’ is Albert Camus’ first novel. It is the story of an atypical character and indifferent to everything around him; a naive person ignoring all social conventions. It is a beautiful, timeless, work whose humanist message has a lasting impact on the unconscious. Besides, to read the foreigner is to take a step towards the other.

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