Building the habit : The 3 starter steps

Routines are very important to our daily lives. They keep us grounded, sometimes even sane. They protect us from missing important tasks on the regular and most importantly, they make us human.

Now, we have previously talked about the importance of discipline, the desire to improve and several business notions applied to learning a language – all of which you can find in earlier articles – don’t forget to check them out. 

To be able to build a habit in your french learning journey, you can take these three steps. 

Look for something you love for the French language @Canva
  1. Look for something you love. 

Now we know you fell in love with the French language, the distinguished accent of the word “Bonjour”, the smell of croissants and freshly baked baguettes on the side of the road, the selfies near “la tour Eiffel”. The next step is to combine this love of learning to any of the many techniques we have talked about in the past – again, check out our previous articles 😉 The point is merging those two things you love will make the whole process feel like playing a game! 

  1. Make it easy

Don’t assume it needs to be complicated because the word “learning” is in it. Learning should be fun, interactive and varied. It’s no longer a tedious task, it’s what we aim to do on a daily basis. Make your learning fun, make your learning something you look forward to, integrate your learning to your hobbies and favorite activities and you’ll see a big change in the progress.

  1. Start with five

Five minutes, that’s all we’re asking here. Do you want to know how short five minutes are? It’s the amount of time it takes you to read some news online, to check an email out, to return a phone call or listen to a voicemail. That’s how quick 5 minutes can pass. That’s how short 5 minutes are. That’s what you can start with! 

What do you think? Worth building a quick and easy habit with something you love? It sure does! The progress will thank you later, what are you waiting for? Start now!

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