Improving the habit : The 3 boost-strides

If you’ve read the earlier post, then you know by now the 3 starter-steps of creating or better yet, building a habit for your language learning lifestyle. Lifestyle you ask?

Well yes, because in this article we’re going to see how we can improve that habit we built. We are not talking about a one time thing here. This is not a todo list task that you check off your list once and never look back. 

This is a routine, a habit, a good habit that will keep improving as we move forward. One that becomes a lifestyle and if you stick with it long enough, will pay off. Just like the 3 starter steps, we’ll see the 3 boost strides. That’s right, strides as in: long, decisive and in a specified direction. 

Now 10 minutes of habit ! @Pixabay
  1. Double down 

Remember the start with five from our building the habit tips? This time you’re going to double it. We’re going 10 minutes this time. You can split them or keep them together but always double down. Don’t add one more minute, that’s 60 seconds, ALWAYS DOUBLE! And as soon as you feel that 10 minutes is easy, DOUBLE AGAIN. But let’s first improve with 10 and stay there for a while…

  1. Expand 

Expansion is a term usually used in construction right? That’s why we said building a habit. We’re constructing something to stay for the long run, it’s not papier-macher, it’s not a cardboard box, it’s bricks and cement, it’s robust and solid and lasts an eternity. That’s the aim! Now how does expansion work with our language learning habits? See that radio program you started listening to? Instead of “les infos de 20h” which lasts about 5 minutes, expand to a literature program, or interviews? Maybe your famous “le pourquoi du comment” – shoutout to france-culture for that one – bit longer and more general knowledge, a bit of history and a hint of fancy vocabulary 

Meet again a native french speaker, catch up for coffee, have a quick online chat, text on the regular… @Pixabay
  1. Follow up

Follow up is more about the human side of language learning. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a fellow french language learner or a native french speaker and FOLLOW UP on that meeting. Meet again, catch up for coffee, have a quick online chat, text on the regular … The list is never ending. 

There you go, we built the habit, now we improved it: we doubled down, we expanded and followed up with our network! What’s next, well that’s for another day! For now, focus on the 3 boost strides. Remember, long, decisive and in a specific direction!

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