Improving the habit : The 3 boost-strides

If you’ve read the earlier post, then you know by now the 3 starter-steps of creating or better yet, building a habit for your language learning lifestyle. Lifestyle you ask? Well yes, because in this article we’re going to see how we can improve that habit we built. We are not talking about a one“Improving the habit : The 3 boost-strides” 계속 읽기

Building the habit : The 3 starter steps

Routines are very important to our daily lives. They keep us grounded, sometimes even sane. They protect us from missing important tasks on the regular and most importantly, they make us human. Now, we have previously talked about the importance of discipline, the desire to improve and several business notions applied to learning a language“Building the habit : The 3 starter steps” 계속 읽기

Eclectic is the way to go : How mixed methods lead to better results

You ask a hundred L2 speakers how they picked up a language and you will get one hundred different answers. Well probably not a hundred but you get the point.  From the books that I read on language learning, language teaching to the podcasts, the youtube videos and even my own personal experience, it is“Eclectic is the way to go : How mixed methods lead to better results” 계속 읽기

‘Take the stairs’ to proficiency

You ever hear of the phrase ‘There is no elevator to success, You have to take the stairs.’ Look it up, it’s a thing. Well, actually it is a famous quote in the sales business but it is usually used in motivational speeches as well.  What does this have to do with learning French you“‘Take the stairs’ to proficiency” 계속 읽기

Why you shouldn’t just say goodbye

If you’re reading this, it means two things: one that you follow us and in that case we want to say thank you and the second is that you’re thinking of taking a break from your language learning journey. If the second applies to you, continue reading to know the top 3 reasons why you“Why you shouldn’t just say goodbye” 계속 읽기

A message from an avid learner

Dear Diary,  It has now been a year as a language learner. I realise how far I’ve come but I understand that there’s a lot more to learn. I started from scratch, I did not know a word of French.  So I signed up for an online 1-1 language class and the journey began.  At“A message from an avid learner” 계속 읽기

I don’t understand what they’re saying ! : Tips on improving listening comprehension

Have you ever been around native speakers and they suddenly address a question to you but you were lost in their nativeness you did not know?  Awkward silence, then move to another person.  We’re all guilty of this move! But what can we do to not relive it again? There are a few things you“I don’t understand what they’re saying ! : Tips on improving listening comprehension” 계속 읽기

Don’t hit snooze : Why breaking your language learning pattern is the enemy of progress

There’s a theory behind the snooze button: Contrary to popular belief, it does not add to your sleeping timer but instead makes you feel foggy and tired the entire day. Dozing off your regular language habits will have the same effect on your progress. It might not be on your physical health and energy but“Don’t hit snooze : Why breaking your language learning pattern is the enemy of progress” 계속 읽기

Think outside the box : Adaptability in language learning

We’ve all heard the phrase: change is the only constant in life. And the reason is simple. Whatever we do in life, we are bound to grow out of it. High school, college, your first job. You know it’s not going to be forever, so you enjoy the process and learn from it.  Now, with“Think outside the box : Adaptability in language learning” 계속 읽기

Where’s my pen? : Noteworthy advice from a fellow learner

Today I’m talking to you as a language learner. Not as a native speaker or a linguist. As a fellow language learner seeking mastery and fluency in a foreign language. These are tips I’ve read in books, heard on podcasts and from native speakers… Oops, have I said too much already? I think one of“Where’s my pen? : Noteworthy advice from a fellow learner” 계속 읽기

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