Improving the habit : The 3 boost-strides

If you’ve read the earlier post, then you know by now the 3 starter-steps of creating or better yet, building a habit for your language learning lifestyle. Lifestyle you ask? Well yes, because in this article we’re going to see how we can improve that habit we built. We are not talking about a one“Improving the habit : The 3 boost-strides” 계속 읽기

L’art à la française : France, French and Art

Le musée du Louvre, le musée d’Orsay, le Grand Palais, le Palais des beaux-arts, le Musée de Grenoble, le Musée Eugène Delacroix, are only a few from a long list of museums and places to visit in France for art amateurs. As a matter of fact, some people decide to learn French for the beauty“L’art à la française : France, French and Art” 계속 읽기

Sing your way to French : Edith Piaf – Icône de la chanson française

Non, je ne regrette rien Édith Giovanna Gassion, the most iconic female singer in France, had a short, intense, agitated life full of love and desolation. A life that was not necessarily reflected and portrayed through her songs. With a thin body, clenched hands, a little black dress and a cross necklace she stood graciously“Sing your way to French : Edith Piaf – Icône de la chanson française” 계속 읽기

Building the habit : The 3 starter steps

Routines are very important to our daily lives. They keep us grounded, sometimes even sane. They protect us from missing important tasks on the regular and most importantly, they make us human. Now, we have previously talked about the importance of discipline, the desire to improve and several business notions applied to learning a language“Building the habit : The 3 starter steps” 계속 읽기

“À vous les experts !” : 5 classic books in French

 La peau de chagrin: Honoré de Balzac (1831) ‘’La peau de chagrin‘’: an unmissable classic, a Balzacian masterpiece. It is the story of Raphael de Valentiny, a young Marquis ruined and lonely. He was blind to a talism “the skin of sorrow” that fulfills his desires. But on the other hand, with every wish made,““À vous les experts !” : 5 classic books in French” 계속 읽기

“Qui dit langue française, ne dit pas forcément la France” : French around the world

Did you know that French is in fact one of the most spoken and fast growing languages in the world ? It is the 5th spoken language in the world. But now that you have read this information, does it still seem that all french speakers live in France ? As a matter of fact,““Qui dit langue française, ne dit pas forcément la France” : French around the world” 계속 읽기

Why you shouldn’t just say goodbye

If you’re reading this, it means two things: one that you follow us and in that case we want to say thank you and the second is that you’re thinking of taking a break from your language learning journey. If the second applies to you, continue reading to know the top 3 reasons why you“Why you shouldn’t just say goodbye” 계속 읽기

A message from an avid learner

Dear Diary,  It has now been a year as a language learner. I realise how far I’ve come but I understand that there’s a lot more to learn. I started from scratch, I did not know a word of French.  So I signed up for an online 1-1 language class and the journey began.  At“A message from an avid learner” 계속 읽기

The secret behind a good French pronunciation

The secret behind a good French pronunciation Keywords: learn French – language learning tips – online learning As a language teacher and an avid language learner myself, I receive a lot of questions about accents and French pronunciation tips. From my teaching experience, the number one objective that most of my students ask for is“The secret behind a good French pronunciation” 계속 읽기

7 Tips to learn a foreign language

Rootalky gives you 7 tips to learn a foreign language.

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