French Course

You want to learn French the most effective way possible. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our German language teachers understand that every student is different and they will customize a course plan to fit your needs. This will get you learning French fast and effieciently during your one-on-one lessons with our teachers.
Get started now
Get started now

Course & lesson features

  • Fully interactive French courses with additional bonus courses
  • Language activities with role playing and voice recording
  • Extensive vocabulary practice
  • Worksheets and eBook to practise handwriting
  • Language and grammar notes
  • Cultural notes including advice on what to do and what not to do Support materials, downloads and study plans
  • Course materials in a variety of formats like:
  • Audio & video (Youtube, TV Monde, etc.)
  • Google docs & PDFs (e.g. Books, Delf/Dalf exam examples)
  • Image files

Lesson timeline

25 minute lesson

minutes of revision
minutes pronunciation & reading
minutes for the main lesson
minutes for a lesson summary

50 minute lesson

minutes of revision
minutes pronunciation & reading
minutes for the main lesson
minutes for a lesson summary

Areas of Focus

From a variety of specific language applications. The choice of your course’s focus is yours to make.
French for Adults
We take into account the specific needs for older learners.
French for Juniors
We take into account the specific needs for younger learners.
French exams
We will help prepare you for the main French exams called the DELF / DALF and others like the TCF, FLEX, SNUX, OPI, OPIC, etc.
French phonics
We will teach you how to pronounce words accurately.
French business
The French business course focus is for the learners who need help functioning proficiently in the French workplace. We will cover:
French in Canada
We will prepare you for your French speaking life in Canada with the following:

📚 Knowledge Levels


We use a variety of well respected books to assist you and your students
  • We use around 100 french books for each 6 level (e.g. Alter ego, Festival, Edito, Communication progressive du français, ABC, Reussir le Delf/Dalf series etc)
  • We use our own tried-and-true learning materials with over 5 years of educational proof.
Easy French Step-by-Step: Master High-Frequency Grammar for French Proficiency - Fast!
Le Nouveau Taxi! Vol. 1: Méthode de français
Alter EGO +: Livre de l'eleve + CD-Rom A1 (French Edition)
Method de francais, Festival 1 (French Edition)
Saison niveau 1 cahier d'activites + CD (French Edition)
Easy French Step-by-Step: Master High-Frequency Grammar for French Proficiency - Fast!


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